What is cremation?

The cremation of a pet is a traditional, respectful, clean, and rapid method of reducing a loved one’s remains. A pet is gently laid to rest on the hearth of a crematory chamber and is then exposed to high temperatures that reduce the matter into cremated remains.

What is the difference between a “Private” and a “Group” pet cremation?

A private cremation uses of its own personal cremation chamber. Your pet’s cremains will be handled and packaged individually and returned to your veterinary clinic. With a group cremation, your pet is cremated with other pets and the ashes will not be returned.

How do I know these are my pets cremains?

This is our most frequently asked question. Once your pet has passed, it is vitally important that you have faith and trust in those that are involved in the aftercare. In doing business for over 27+ years, we have developed trusting, reliable relationships with your veterinarian. They have entrusted us with the aftercare of their own pets, and we offer the very same service to you. We take pride in a thorough process of tracking and monitoring your pet as he or she is in our care, making sure that each private cremation is returned to its valued client in a professional manner.