As a pet owner, you have the special responsibility of making aftercare choices on your pet’s behalf. Working together with your veterinary clinic, we will gently guide you through the process of making cremation arrangements that are fitting for you and your pet. Our professional team of Crematory Operators adhere to a strict code of ethics and exemplary standards of operation with every pet cremation. You can count on a high level of accountability when you entrust your pet to Veterinary Support Service’s care.

Communal Cremation - Private Cremation - Additional Services


Keeping the memory of your pet close to your heart, a communal cremation offers both peace of mind and solace. With communal cremation, your pet is gently placed into the crematory together with other pets. These cremated remains are not returned to the family. When the cremation process is complete, the communal remains are collected and will be scattered in a private, natural setting. Visitation for communal cremations cannot be accommodated.


Private cremation provides you with the opportunity to keep your pet’s cremated remains as a permanent and personal keepsake. When you choose private cremation, your treasured pet will be the only pet in the cremation chamber during the cremation process. When the cremation process is complete, we ensure that you receive only the cremated remains of your pet.

Veterinary Support Services offers a wide variety of memorial products. Making a decision regarding memorial products is a personal process. These items may reflect the life you shared with your pet, your personal style or possibly reflect your pet’s unique personality.

Your pet’s cremated remains will be returned in your selected urn, along with a certificate of cremation, authenticating that your pet was cremated at Veterinary Support Services.


VSS offers free delivery of a range of janitorial & sanitation products, from ice melt to paper towels, as well as sharpening services for clippers and grooming items. Please contact us for an order sheet.